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Axel increases motivation and retention of new hires and reduces your team's workload, thanks to artificial intelligence.

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"You don't have a second chance to make a first impression"

  • The first 90 days determine the motivation, retention and productivity of your new hires.
  • But implementing a good process takes time and can be a hassle for your team.

Your new hires won't succeed unless you onboard them properly


How does it work?

Axel implements the best practices from top-performing companies in your organization. He involves the three stakeholders to make sure that every new hire has a successful onboarding experience.

Ahead of the arrival

Axel engages the new hire's managers to prepare the on-boarding process

On D-Day

Axel greets the new hire and provides them with a personalized onboarding journey

During the next 90 days

Axel makes regular checkups and gathers feedback

Empower your managers

Before the arrival, Axel helps the new hire’s manager prepare the onboarding. They are guided in a 20 minutes step-by-step process, where Axel takes care of the tiresome parts (sending emails, scheduling meetings). Everything is done correctly and on time, without hassle.

Offer a great first impression to new hires

When the new hire joins the company, everything is ready. Axel greets them and provides them with a personalized onboarding journey. Bye bye demotivating checklists and out-of-date documents. Hello Axel.

Automatic follow-up

Too often, onboarding is reduced to a couple days or a week. Over the next 90 days, Axel keeps track of the new hire’s progress and feedback and sends updates to their manager.

New hires are more motivated, productive, and happy

Thanks to Axel, each and every new hire is guaranteed to have an amazing onboarding experience. On the other hand, busy managers save time and have more productive teams.